An Old Student Film of Mine

April 20, 2011

Zeyen & Nazia

Zeyen & Nazia

I was just reminded of Zeyen & Nazia, a short film I helped create as part of a fine arts course my senior year at Penn. We went through the full filmmaking process — from editing the script to casting actors to directing and editing. Our class divided the different filmmaker & crew duties among ourselves for each stage of the process: pre-production, several shoots, and post-production. For instance, I directed one scene (the scene in his apartment, basically everything where you see spray paint), was propmaster for another, and makeup and wardrobe for yet another. It was easily one of my favorite courses, and I’m still so proud of what we accomplished.

We won the Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival in 2006, and our film is still on the website. Check it out here!

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