Salvation Army

In the wake of the large tornado that swept through Raleigh recently, I used one of my Viget-sponsored “community service days” to volunteer at the Salvation Army of Wake County. I spent the day collecting and sorting donations, which involved a lot of heavy lifting!

The donations were really rolling in. It’s amazing to see how much people care about each other and want to help — but it’s also amazing to see just how much stuff we have!

Here’s the giant mound of bags upon bags of clothing donations.

Salvation Army Clothing Donations

And here it is from above. Impressive!

Salvation Army Clothing Donations From Above

A WRAL reporter and photographer were there to document the experience. I was able to escape the camera for the most part, but here’s the story:

I spent my last community service day helping the Ronald McDonald House of Durham, and my friends and I spent a day helping the Basic Needs Ministry in Garner not too long ago. Hopefully I’ll have a few more chances soon to keep helping out around the community!