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Jul 10 2012

What adjectives best describe you? I have always been fascinated by branding, and a lot of branding – particularly personal branding –…

When a Brand Relationship Goes Sour: Resolution

Apr 12 2012

As a follow-up to my previous post on the termination of my tenure as a PetSmart Pet Parent, I spoke this afternoon…

When a Brand Relationship Goes Sour

Apr 03 2012

Today, I got dumped. And, I’m not sure which stings more: that I didn’t see it coming, or that the dumper has…

Time to Rebrand!

Nov 29 2011

On November 12, I got married! Now comes the interesting process of legally changing my name. I’ve spent many years building my…

Online First Impressions: Communicating the Right Message

May 11 2010

What do people think when they hear your name?

Every person, as well as every company, has a specific brand and reputation. There is a certain message you communicate about yourself through everything you say and do, and this message generates external expectations of your behavior and performance.