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An Invitation to the Governor’s Mansion

State Internship Reception at the Governor's Mansion

This summer, I have been fortunate to be a supervisor for the N.C. State Government Internship Program, run by the Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office of the Department of Administration.

It’s a highly selective program – both for students and for government agencies. After an intense, months-long process of putting together internship proposals and interviewing candidates, we were matched with a terrific grad student (pictured with me, above) to help the content effort for our intranet redesign project. It turned out to be a great partnership, and I’m sad our intern’s tenure is coming to a close on Friday.

Invitation to the Executive Mansion

My formal invitation to the reception

The highlight of the internship program is a reception hosted by the governor at the Executive Mansion. This year, interns and supervisors were welcomed with cookies and cold drinks on a blistering hot day, and we were treated to an address by Governor Pat McCrory as he stood on the staircase of his home. He touched on his previous internship experience, the importance of public service, and a brief tour of the mansion.

Governor McCrory

The governor prepares to address the interns

Our intern definitely deserved such an honor for his hard work and achievements, and I’m sure the other interns are equally as deserving! It was a pleasure to take part in this year’s program – and a real treat to have my first visit to the Executive Mansion with the governor himself as the guide.

Check out the Governor’s Office’s coverage of the event:

The Library of the Future

James B. Hunt Library at N.C. State University

James B. Hunt Library at N.C. State University

This isn’t your old college library.

I recently took a tour of N.C. State University’s brand new Hunt Library with the N.C. Association of Government Information Officers (NCAGIO). The technology, innovation, and design of this library blew me away.

We started at the BookBot: a several-story tall, automated storage and retrieval system that holds most of the library’s inventory. Then, on the main floor, the circulation desk has been replaced by an Apple Store-like “Ask Me” alcove, where students can borrow everything from flash drives to laptops to storage lockers. Throughout the building, the architecture and furniture work together to create a simple yet high-tech atmosphere. The walls near stairs, elevators, and bathrooms are color-coded for easy findability; and group study rooms, media rooms, a video game laboratory, and 360-degree customizable galleries are all outfitted with the latest technology. A 3D printing lab is even available for students to design and create 3D models. Built through state funds and private donations, the Hunt Library is on the cutting edge and will serve as a cornerstone of student life on Centennial Campus.

The best part is that the library is open to the public (hours), with free tours each week. Definitely go check it out!

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Five Years Ago Today

Five Years Ago

On April 14, 2007, I packed up my car and a U-Haul and headed east from Memphis to Raleigh! It was easily one of the best decisions of my life.

Tomorrow will be my fifth anniversary as a North Carolinian. I can’t believe it’s been that long! In honor of this huge milestone, let’s take a quick look at what’s happened since then:

  • Worked for NBC 17 for nearly two years — learned a ton and met some incredible folks
  • Survived a layoff and changed careers to web project management — where, again, I learned a ton. I even got to work on my dream project!
  • Made another major career shift to government communications
  • Joined TriSports softball, where I met my husband and best friends; we still play every Sunday
  • Became a distance runner again, ran two half-marathons, suffered and recovered from two major injuries, and am now staging my third comeback
  • Discovered yoga, which has been a life-changer
  • Faced and conquered some interesting medical mysteries (no more Splenda or hazelnuts, boohoo!)
  • Explored all things North Carolina: vinegar BBQ, Bojangles, pollen season, crazy (but generally still better than anywhere else) weather, ACC rivalries, the mountains, the beach, etc.
  • Lived in two much beloved apartments and bought my first home
  • Traveled all over the United States — from Nevada to Massachusetts to Florida — and made three trips to the Caribbean
  • Lost both of my amazing grandfathers
  • Met, fell in love with, and married my husband! Survived wedding planning, gained a second family, and changed my name.
  • Learned a whole heck of a lot and have been the happiest I’ve ever been!

Raleigh has truly treated me well, and I’m thrilled to call it home. Here’s to the next five excellent years!

Volunteering at the Salvation Army

Salvation Army

In the wake of the large tornado that swept through Raleigh recently, I used one of my Viget-sponsored “community service days” to volunteer at the Salvation Army of Wake County. I spent the day collecting and sorting donations, which involved a lot of heavy lifting!

The donations were really rolling in. It’s amazing to see how much people care about each other and want to help — but it’s also amazing to see just how much stuff we have!

Here’s the giant mound of bags upon bags of clothing donations.

Salvation Army Clothing Donations

And here it is from above. Impressive!

Salvation Army Clothing Donations From Above

A WRAL reporter and photographer were there to document the experience. I was able to escape the camera for the most part, but here’s the story:

I spent my last community service day helping the Ronald McDonald House of Durham, and my friends and I spent a day helping the Basic Needs Ministry in Garner not too long ago. Hopefully I’ll have a few more chances soon to keep helping out around the community!

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