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Jillian Kuhn Warren knows how to have fun and a good laugh!

“Create My Own Font” Experiment


Look at that — I turned my handwriting into a font!

I mentioned this very cool “make your own font” idea from, via, in my recent Around the Web blog post. I printed out the template, wrote out the alphabet a couple times in black Sharpie, scanned it, uploaded it, and here we are. Easy, right?

I may go back and take a second pass at it, being extra conscious of the heights and slants of certain letters. The bottom tips of a couple lowercase letters are just barely cut off, a few letters seem to float higher on the line than others, and I’m not a fan of how much certain characters slant to the right. All those minor deviations aside, it’s a pretty nice font — if I do say so myself!

Bl_g P_st T_tle

Jillian in front of the Wheelmobile

I’ve been watching Wheel of Fortune since 1984.

Don’t believe me? Here’s proof…

Jillian watching Wheel of Fortune as a baby

I love word games, and Wheel is the king of all word games! When I found out that the show would be holding public auditions downtown on St. Patrick’s Day, I was ecstatic. I donned my bright green festive flair, printed out a couple of the above baby photos to prove my love of Wheel, and headed to Fayetteville Street with my friend Lisa (who gets credit for taking all these photos — thank you!).

Jillian, Lisa, and Vanna

Despite getting there early, there was no guarantee that I’d even get the chance to audition. We filled out our applications and dropped them in the giant bin of applications, hoping that they would randomly pick out our name during one of the three one-hour “shows.” During each show, the host calls up 5-7 contestants at a time for a quick interview and a brief speed round. Contestants who demonstrate enthusiasm and intelligence, among a list of other attributes, will be notified in three months and invited to the final round of auditions.

Well, imagine my surprise when I was the second name called! I ran up to the stage so fast that I ended up being the very first contestant of the whole audition. I didn’t successfully solve the puzzle (I knew the answer, but it unfortunately wasn’t my turn!), but I feel really good about how everything else went. I hope they call me back!

Jillian on stage at the Wheel of Fortune tryouts

Plus, I got a nice bag of Wheel swag. Score!

Wheel of Fortune swag

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