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Online First Impressions: Communicating the Right Message

May 11 2010

What do people think when they hear your name?

Every person, as well as every company, has a specific brand and reputation. There is a certain message you communicate about yourself through everything you say and do, and this message generates external expectations of your behavior and performance.

How to Improve Your Bounce Rate

Mar 09 2010

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Bringing the Right Visitors to Your Site

Feb 24 2010

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Keywords: Understand, Analyze, and Make Decisions – A Three-Part Screencast Series

Feb 23 2010

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Short and Sweet Website Copy

Nov 30 2009

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Tracking Clicks on Your Twitter Links

Sep 22 2009

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Twitter: Changing How We Read & Write Online

May 08 2009

May 8, 2009 Written for Newfangled’s Blog l’m an active Twitter user, and l keep finding small Twitterisms creeping into my everyday…