Examples of Jillian Kuhn Warren's email newsletter work

The N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts’ Communications Office is responsible for managing several email newslettersBuilding Bulletin February 2013 for the NCAOC and the N.C. Judicial Branch. Jillian Kuhn Warren oversees and edits many of these newsletters, spending roughly 15% of her workweek on them. Her three primary newsletters are listed below.

Currently, Jillian creates all content (copy, images, etc.), produces the newsletter as a webpage with HTML and CSS, uploads the newsletters to the web via FTP, and sends the newsletters via Outlook. Read more details in her Email Newsletters blog post. She has done extensive research and presented proposals on various email newsletter delivery services, and the NCAOC is in the process of implementing the GovDelivery system.

N.C. Judicial Center Building Bulletin

Jillian is the editor and primary contributor to this award-winning monthly newsletter for employees of the N.C. Judicial Center.

NCJC Building Bulletin September 2012

Before Jillian became editor, the Building Bulletin looked like this: May 2012. Multiple staff members, including one dedicated part-time employee, published one edition each month and often spent a late night at work prior to the publish date. Now, with Jillian as the sole editor, Building Bulletin publishes at least two editions per month and is always ready on time.

N.C. Judicial Center Employee Appreciation Committee

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser 2013Jillian is the editor of this periodic newsletter to inform N.C. Judicial Center employees of events held by the Employee Appreciation Committee.

N.C. Judicial Center SafetyNCJC High Wind Safety Newsletter

Jillian is the editor of these special-edition newsletters that recognize National Safety Month and provide relevant emergency information to N.C. Judicial Center staff on behalf of the Emergency Planning and Safety committees. Learn more through her NCJC Safety Newsletters blog post.

Inside the Chambers

Jillian is the production editor of this newsletter that provides weekly legislative updates to all employees of the N.C. Judicial Branch while the N.C. General Assembly is in session.

Praise for Jillian’s Newsletters

“Thank you for providing our employees so much information and helping to make this a fun place to work.” – an executive manager

“BB thanks for the article and thanks for being such a class act.” – a manager

“I thought today’s BB was quite good — a very nice presentation/blend of news, stuff and fluff.” – a coworker